6 Songs From No Doubt's 'Tragic Kingdom' To Help You Through A Breakup

Because we've all been there.

Well, this news is just... tragic.

Up until now, Gwen Stefani and Gavin Rossdale, married for 13 years and parents to three adorable sons, have been one of the most steadfast twosomes not just in music, but in all of Hollywood.

Today's (August 3) news that the couple is divorcing is heartbreaking, particularly for No Doubt fans. Because underneath it all -- ahem -- didn't we just want our girl Gwen to be happy? It seemed like her relationship with the Bush frontman was made to last, and yet, the couple clearly weren't destined for a happy ending.

The silver lining to this sad news? In 1995, Gwen's band No Doubt released Tragic Kindgdom, the ULTIMATE breakup album. The record was written around the time of Gwen's split from bandmate Tony Kanal, whom she dated for seven years; therefore, it's literally teeming with the pangs of heartache, from start to finish.

So, to help Gwen, or anyone else, survive a breakup -- because BEEN THERE -- we chose six of the most gut-wrenching tracks from Tragic Kingdom. Enjoy, and remember... it's gonna be okay. Really!

"Don't Speak"

"It looks as though you're letting go/And if it's real/Well, I don't want to know"

"Happy Now?"

"No more leaning on your shoulder/I won't be there, no more bother"

"Sunday Morning"

"I know who I am, but who are you?/You're not looking like you used to"

"End It On This"

"Washed up on the shore/Give me one last chance to try some more/But I'm tired, I'm freezing/Let's stop and call it history"

"Excuse Me Mr"

"It's almost as if I'm tied to the tracks/And I'm waiting for him/To rescue me/The funny thing is/He's not going to come"

"Hey You"

"Hey you, with the wedding dress on/Made of white chiffon blowing in the wind/Hey you, with the dreams in your head/You've been so mislead by your heart's pull"

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