Pink Toasts AMA Crowd With 'Raise Your Glass'

Pregnant singer performs one of her Greatest Hits ... So Far!!!.

Not long after Bon Jovi took the stage at the Nokia Theatre in Los Angeles at the American Music Awards on Sunday night (November 21) to play a mini-set of greatest hits, [artist id="710231"]Pink[/artist] dropped by to celebrate her own just-released career retrospective, Greatest Hits ... So Far!!!.

But instead of trolling through her catalog, she stuck to the new single "Raise Your Glass," another sparky bit of pop-foolery on which she once again encourages you to get the party started.

The always-unpredictable (and did we mention pregnant?) singer is clearly not done with the acrobatic feats of daring that she showcased on her most recent tour. But in keeping with her new status as a mom-to-be, she left the acrobatics to the skateboarders and punk cheerleaders who crowded the stage around her as she danced like a B-girl beamed down from the set of 1984's "Breakin 2: Electric Boogaloo, " rocking a mini-gold jacket, black high-waisted Hammer pants, black bra and bedazzled black headband.

With a colorful, multi-level set that mixed candy-colored risers and half-pipes, Pink worked the stage as she swayed her head side-to-side amid female dancers being tossed up in the air like they were on the sidelines at a Saturday afternoon college football game. When one of her cohorts offered her a wine glass, she lamented that it was empty, but, you know, that's probably a good thing at this point.

And then, inexplicably, in the middle of the song, she tossed a bucket full of glitter at a portly extra hanging from an aerialist perch. He responded by yelping, off key, "I freakin' love glitter!"

By song's end, she was back center stage and out of breath, beaming as a shower of streamers, balloons and confetti rained down on the crowd. In other words, the perfect ending to a Pink party.

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