Eminem And Chance The Rapper Are Tourmates, But Why Haven't They Met?

Chicago rapper hits 'RapFix Live' and (maybe) clears up 'Net rumors and burning questions about three of his rap idols.

Chance the Rapper has been on the move since he dropped Acid Rap in April. He toured with Eminem and Macklemore overseas, recorded with Lil Wayne and sold out solo shows.

So during a visit to "RapFix Live" this week, we asked the Chicago rapper to clear up a few things that have transpired since we last spoke to him: Did Kanye West really co-sign Acid Rap? Did Lil Wayne actually delay Dedication 5 just for Chance's feature? And what was it like meeting Eminem?

Kanye West Co-Signs Acid Rap. Or Maybe Not.

Back in July, Chance tweeted, "Kanye likes Acid Rap" and, of course, people took notice ... but maybe too quickly. "Lemme say on 'RapFix Live,' that was a lie," Chance told Sway bluntly when the topic came up. "I have no idea how Kanye West feels about Acid Rap; I just tweeted that.

"Seriously, I was making a statement. I just tweeted, 'Kanye likes Acid Rap,' and right after that there was a Complex story [saying], 'Look out for a Kanye and Chance collaboration!' And, I mean, that could happen, who knows? But I have no idea how Kanye feels about Acid Rap. I know a lot of people in Kanye's camp, I know Kanye has definitely heard Acid Rap, but I've never met Kanye."

We still don't know what to believe.

Chance Toured With Eminem But Never Met Him.

In August, Chance joined Kendrick Lamar and Odd Future to open for Eminem on his European tour dates, and he'll head to Australia with him again in February. There have been rumblings that Shady Records has been interested in the Chicago rapper for some time now, but if that's true, he wasn't ready to give up the details.

"Eminem is one of my biggest influences in music, and going out to Europe with him the first time was just a great experience," Chance told "RFL." "Some of my friends were out there -- Tyler, Earl, Kendrick -- so it was just a good experience because that was my first time in Europe and [it was] with people that have done it before and that are amazing artists."

What about Em though? "I've never met Eminem, you don't meet Eminem," he said with a hint of sarcasm. "He has his own secret service."

Lil Wayne Delayed Dedication 5 For A Chance Feature

Weezy Stans are not too enthusiastic when his mixtapes get delayed, but this time around they could've blamed it on Chance. He confirmed that Wayne actually did hold the release of Dedication 5 until the Chicago rapper finished recording and submitting "You Song."

"I had just gotten back from Europe, doing the Eminem shows, and right when we got back in town I got a call from my manager and he told me that [YMCMB manager] Cortez Bryant said, 'Wayne wants a song for Dedication 5 and we got one day to give it to him,' " Chance recalled.

"I saw on Twitter [Wayne] saying that he was gonna hold back the album, so I felt this immense amount of pressure on me to give him the hottest song I could give and with about an hour of thought I realized it only made sense to get my production team from Acid Rap -- Nate Fox, Peter Cottontale, Cam from J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League -- all in a room to make a song from scratch, and it came out to 'You Song.' "

That's no small accomplishment for the 20-year-old rapper. "Yes, me and Wayne have a song together," he said, taking it all in. "It's my favorite accomplishment and I say that with thought. It's the biggest accomplishment I've made to date. Because Lil Wayne is probably the biggest reason why I'm rapping and doing what I do."

Chance the Rapper is currently on the road, performing dates on his Social Experiment Tour.