The 1975 Throw A 1999 Valentine's Day Party In 'Me & You Together Song'

One word: 'Awwwwwww'

You know what they say: There's nothing like some good ol' retro love! Or maybe we just made that up. Either way, The 1975 have released their nostalgic new video for "Me & You Together Song" that feels like it's ripped right out of 1999. Its sole mission is to make you smile and believe in true love again. So do you?

It's impossible not to adore "Me &You Together Song"'s warmth and good energy. If this song could travel back in time, it'd be featured on the American Pie soundtrack, or one for another turn-of-the-century rom-com. Wisely, the video matches this old-school vibe, following Matty Healy and the lads as they rock a party to shreds. There must be mistletoe everywhere because all around them, lips lock as strangers get to know each other extremely well.

We follow so many couples' trips into romantic bliss. One set bust into an occupied room and race to rip each other's clothes off with wide grins on their faces, eager to grow even closer to one another. Two teens stare at each other in the midst of the party, too afraid to talk to each other, and eventually find themselves kissing and exploring the weird locale around them. Everyone's so adorably infatuated that it feels like a dream world, one that you wouldn't want to wake up from. Was this really what Valentine's Day looked like in 1999?

The 1975 released "Me & You Together Song" back in January when they revealed that their forthcoming LP, Notes on a Conditional Form, would come out on April 24 after being pushed back. It will also feature "Frail State of Mind," "People," and their self-titled song that features climate change activist Greta Thunberg. Shortly after the album's release, they will be heading out on tour.

Check out the "Me & You Together Song" video up above.

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