Rick Ross Tells The Story Behind Drake's Extended 'Aston Martin Music'

Ross tells 'Mixtape Daily' we might see the unofficial track on a 'Teflon Don' re-release.

The O.D.: A Mixtape Daily Exclusive

Rick Ross' Teflon Don LP came out Tuesday (July 20), and by now, if you've been listening to the radio and the mixtapes, you've already heard the extended version of "Aston Martin Music," a highlight of the project. The track features Chrisette Michele and Drake sharing hook duties. On the extended version, which is not on the album, Drake adds a rap verse.

Ross stopped by our 1515 headquarters on Monday to explain Drizzy's extra vocals.

"It boils down to me having the idea, the concept," Ross said. "Shout-out to J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. I got the production from the J.U.S.T.I.C.E. League. I wanted to do something else, two-seater music. That's what I like to call it when it's personal music for you and that special female that's riding shotgun in a two-seater. Chrisette Michele, she was on 'Mafia Music 2.' She came to Miami to film the video. I got her in the studio to do the first half of this idea I had, which is 'Aston Martin Music.' She was like, 'What you mean just do half of the chorus?' I was like, 'Yeah, just do half. I'mma save the other half.' "

Trusting Ross' direction, the singer got in and laid the vocals we hear today: "Riding to the music, this is how we do it/ All night/ Racing down the freeway/ Just me and my baby/ In our ride."

"She loved the beat. She wrote her lyrics," Ross continued of Michele's session for "Aston Martin." "It took her 10, 15 minutes to cut her vocals. I'm sitting there like, 'Wow. All right, all right.' At that point, I didn't know who was gonna sing the second half."

The Bawse said listening to Drake's new album, in his leisure time, inspired him to make that call to his friend from Toronto.

"I sent it to the homie," the Miami rap lord described. "He laced me. Right then, he was ready to jump on his verse. Right then, he was ready to cock and load. I was like, 'I know you finishing your joint. Just give me that half a chorus, and I'mma make it do what it do. He loved the record. I got it back. He laced it at the point. When he heard [the finished version], it was magic. He was like, 'I'm finnin' to go in the studio, Ross. I'mma need to get on that.' "

A version of the song with just an extended chorus and Drake's verse called "Paris Morton Music" came out shortly after "Aston Martin Music" leaked to the Net almost two weeks ago. "I talk slicker than a pimp from Augusta," Drake raps on the track.

Then, one of Ross' engineers mixed Drake's verse and extended chorus with the album version of "AMM," and that song has lived on the Net and mixtapes ever since. It's also getting play on the radio.

Ross said he has no problems with an unofficial extended version of "AMM" being out. He might even include it on a repackaging of Teflon Don in the future.

"It's only right," Ross said. "I got on [Drake's] first single ['Find Your Love']. He even put a twist on the title after some sexy ladies, I believe. It made it feel good. That's what that music is about. On that re-release, that deluxe packaging, that's what you may get. You never know."

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