Grandpa Seeing A Picture Of His Mom For The First Time In 70 Years Will Make You Weep

BRB, I have a large stick in my eye.

Part of the beauty of the Internet is that wonderful things bubble to the surface from time to time. For instance, take this moment from a couple years ago that resurfaced today on photo sharing site Imgur.

In 2013, it had been seven decades since Thomas Cain had seen either of his parents. Though orphaned at 13 years old, his family later thrived, and he married and had grandchildren.

Still, the memory of his mother and father had faded -- at least, until his family helped jog his memory by locating an antique image of his mother, Margaret Cain.

"He had never seen [a picture of his mother] before today, as she died before he turned 13," his granddaughter Andrea Farrell said on a Facebook post about the find. "So it had been exactly 70 years since he saw her face and had very little memory of her image."

"It took 2 years to find this photo. I am still on the hunt for a pic of his father, Henry Cathey/Cathy Cain of Bladenboro, NC, since he died when Pawpaw was 9. He has never seen a pic of him either!"

Since uploading the lovely moment a day ago on Imgur, it's gone viral (again), garnering 2.6 million views in less than 12 hours. And once you watch it, you'll see why. ???

Watch a *super moving* video of Grandpa Cain's experience below.

To see the image of Cain's mother, go to

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