A Mother's Vow: Will Amber Commit To Being 'Present' For Leah On 'Teen Mom OG'?

Looking back, Amber realizes she may have 'hurt' her 12-year-old daughter

Amber chose not to attend Leah's 12th birthday party last season on Teen Mom OG; the mother of two claimed she felt "a bit uneasy" going to her daughter's hibachi-filled at-home celebration, while Leah did not feel comfortable with her mother's idea to commemorate the occasion with a one-on-one get together. And during tonight's episode, Amber expressed regret about how she handled that circumstance and vowed she needed to "show up" for her firstborn.

But before Amber made the b-day-related admission to her producer David, she reflected on an on-camera visit with Leah, Gary, Kristina and Emilee.

"With Leah, she was very off," Amber rehashed. "But I already thought that was going to be that way," she continued, while adding that Leah was "getting a little snappy" in the middle of a conversation about a movie (Amber was asking follow-up questions).

Amber revealed to David it had "been a little while" since the mother-daughter duo had seen each other, and Amber admitted she missed her girl "a lot." She also reflected on the aforementioned milestone occasion.

"No matter how she keeps saying she doesn't want me to be there -- well, she did want me to be there," Amber stated about the mini bash. "Because if she didn't, she wouldn't have said 'well, you still could have [come]. I think it really did hurt her that I didn't go to that birthday party."

Looking back, Amber is clear that this was her own mistake and she remains focused on "showing up" for Leah.


"Not push, but just be present," Amber concluded. "Nothing is perfect."

But will Amber stay true to her goal of "showing up" for Leah? Be sure to keep watching Teen Mom OG every Tuesday to see the mother-daughter duo.

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