Let's Talk About Sex -- With 10 More Cast Members From 'Virgin Territory'

Meet the new group of young adults who will appear on the MTV series.

There's no question about it: Sex (both having it and choosing to wait) can complicate life. As we've seen on the first few episodes of "Virgin Territory," the decision to shed your chaste status isn't always an easy one — and if it is easy, well, finding that special partner may be a whole other obstacle.

We've met the first five "Virgin Territory" cast members, but what about the others? You got to know Anna and Shelby during last week's episode, and we've got more info on them right here -- along with the 411 on the other eight folks we'll be meeting in the coming weeks:

Abby, 18


For fear of being labeled a "slut," the high school student has always said no to having sex. Now, with Valentine's Day around the corner, she wonders if timing is finally right for her to take the next step with her boyfriend Kyle.

Alec, 21


With his 21st birthday fast approaching, the Arizona student decides to finally come out as a gay man in a small, conservative town. Also longing to shed his V-card, Alec finally takes charge of his own life and heads out on a search for love.

Anike, 20


Having been in a relationship for nearly a year now, this Florida gal has promised her boyfriend Julien an extra-memorable night on their one-year anniversary. Promises can always be broken though, as Anike questions if she is truly willing to give up her virgin status -- and having a sense of control in the relationship.

Anna, 20


The Ohio native was long taught to save sex for marriage, but the college life and club scene has been brought temptations on more than one occasion. When Anna tries to forge a relationship with a potential player, will she make him an offer he surely won't refuse?

David, 19


Never been kissed, the University of Utah student has a tough time moving beyond the friend zone with the ladies. To the rescue: David's buddies, who have resolved to help him shed his sidekick status in exchange for a hook-up.

Emily, 21


Physically unable to have sex due to having a septate hymen, Emily pursued corrective surgery so she could have sex with her boyfriend Jesse. But while most of her friends are sexually experienced, Emily is grappling with the fear of being physically intimate with her longtime love.

John, 20


A good-looking guy who appears to have it easy, John has yet to shed his V-card -- most likely because of his lackluster game with the ladies. The last virgin among his pals, John is desperate to have sex -- but can he get past his awkward, uncomfortable hang-ups?

Keyaira, 18


Looking to lose it to someone special, the Virginia native is all about having a good time until that time comes. Armed with a lime green vibrator named "Ricky," Keyaira is open about her desire for self-pleasure, but when she begins to form a bond with an actual guy who doesn't shake at the press of a button, she struggles with the idea of a physical relationship.

Marjorie, 18


The high school senior is determined to lose her V-card before graduation and is on the ultimate honey hunt. But will her habit of being a poor man-picker (and having an affinity for friend drama) get in the way of her goal?

Shelby, 22


The Southern sorority belle and some of her "sisters" compare their V-card statuses to a rare (a.k.a. nonexistent) mythical creature, the unicorn. With a strong Catholic background, Shelby long assumed she would save herself for marriage, but due to the pressures of college life, she's having second thoughts.

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