'The Intern' Cast Explain How The Movie Subverts Working Women Stereotypes

Anne Hathaway, Nancy Meyers and more weigh in.

With reporting by Josh Horowitz

We've all seen a movie or TV show that makes a working woman seem either A, destined to die alone and unloved because she chooses to have a job, or B, like a total type-A stick-in-the-mud. Which is why everyone should be relieved that "The Intern" -- with Nancy Meyers at the helm -- subverts the crap out of all of the "women in the workplace" stereotypes that have existed since... well, since women started getting jobs outside of the household.

"What I don't like is the female boss stereotype that I've seen in too many movies," Meyers told MTV News at a recent press day ahead of the film, when asked which stereotype drove her crazy. "She's mean, perhaps a sexual predator for the younger men in the office. She doesn't have a home life. She's unhappy."

Luckily, Anne Hathaway's Jules Ostin is none of those things in "The Intern," though it was a totally different stereotype that makes the actress squirm, saying that in movies, "children [of working mothers] hate them." While in real life, of course, "children love their mothers, until they don't. And then there's this period where it doesn't matter if you're working or you're at home, teenagers just... don't get along."

"That's one of the things I love about 'The Intern,' is my character has a great relationship with her daughter," she continued. "And her daughter is in no way traumatized by having a working mother."

The supporting men of the film -- which, of course, also stars Robert De Niro as the titular poorly compensated employee -- agreed with Hathaway and Meyers' sentiments, with Adam Devine adding that "a lot of times in movies, if a woman is really successful, she's kind of a bitch. Nancy didn't do that... [Jules is] so multi-layered."

"There's not a lot of apology about how successful she is or how ambitious she is," Andrew Rannells continued. "Certainly [working] comes with complications, but I think that she shows women juggling all of that in a really refreshing way."



"The Intern" hits theaters on September 25.