Keep Up With Eminem And Busta Rhymes In Their 'Calm Down' Lyric Video

Everything make more sense now?

Let's be honest -- sometimes it's just not that easy to keep up with Eminem's rhymes and the same can be said for Busta Rhymes, especially on their recent collaboration "Calm Down". But there's some good news.

If you were having a hard time catching all the subtleties in their rapid fire verses, there's a lyric video to save the day. Busta threw some comic book style illustration on the clip, along with the lyrics, which makes perfect sense, since he and Em definitely battled it out on this one.

“Originally, the song was like three minutes and eight seconds. I had two 16-bar verses on it and the hook that’s there [but then] Eminem’s verse comes on and it’s like 42 bars," Busta told MTV News of recording the track with Em.

“You’re not just gonna mop the floor with me on my record. I didn’t expect any less because that’s what Em does, but that’s [also] what people know Busta Rhymes for doing.”

Hear Busta tell the story of working with Em in the clip below.