Watch Five Guys Scoot Around On Segways Dancing To Justin Bieber's 'What Do You Mean'

First they go to the left, then they turn right.

Justin Bieber's new album, likely titled Purpose, comes out on November 13. It features the awesome song "What Do You Mean," for which the singer has teased some cool, skateboard-centric videos on Instagram. Like this one.

So it kinda makes sense that five guys would pick up their Segway-esque skateboards and perform a baller dance routine to "What Do You Mean" for the whole world to see. That's exactly what David Moore, who choreographed and shot the video, did.

Here we've got Josh Killacky, Evan Moody, Alex Ditommaso, Damien Lavergne and Jake Deanda -- five super talented dudes -- scooting around on their wheels, hopping off to bust out some serious dance moves and buzzing around on multicolored boards like they're the Power Rangers or something.

It's like a NSYNC video from 2000, or maybe something vaguely more futuristic, like the Backstreet Boys' "Larger Than Life." Or maybe it's the beginning of a brand-new genre of music video choreography that incorporates the latest technological advancements in wheeled motion. I'm about that.