Travis Scott Got Into A Fight With A Fan At His Concert: Watch

The scuffle was reportedly over an attempted chain-snatch.

Usually, if you go to see an artist in concert, it's because you're a fan, not because you want to fight them.

But that fact didn't get in the way of an altercation between Travis Scott and a fan during a recent stop on the G.O.O.D. Music rapper's Rodero Tour, as a shaky video, which was published to YouTube on Tuesday shows a brief scuffle. Though it's unclear from the video itself, the title suggests that it was over the fan trying to snatch the 22-year-old's chain. That's Travis in the red pants.

Young Thug, who is on the road with Travis, appears at the beginning of the shot.

This is far from the first time that a rapper has mixed it up with a fan during a live shows. One of the most memorable was when Pitbull -- mid-rap -- knocked out a fan who had come on stage uninvited.

And then there was Akon who, after a fan threw something at him, invited that fan on stage -- only to pick him up and toss him into the crowd.

Most recently, Afroman punched a female fan who had come on stage during a concert in Mississippi, as she was dancing near him before unexpectedly getting hit. He was arrested and charged with assault, and later said he was retiring from tour.

Rappers, fan, and everyone else: Let's stay safe, and all keep our hands to ourselves.

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