'Hannah Montana' Is Coming Back To Disney Channel

Get ready for the best of both worlds

Forget your traditional Christmas TV plans this December — sorry, Freeform's "25 Days of Christmas" — because your schedule is about to change for the better.

Disney Channel announced on Thursday (November 17) the network will host a Hannah Montana marathon all month long of the ENTIRE series. From December 3 to December 29, it's just you, Miley, Lilly, Oliver, Jackson, Robby Ray, Rico, Dolly Parton, and Hannah Montana herself. Sweet niblets, indeed.

So when you're stuck at home with your family who are driving you up the freakin' wall, let Hannah Montana be your escape into hilarious bliss. Now, we get to watch Lilly and Oliver fall in love all over again (Lolliver forever) and stress over whether Miley will choose Jake or Jesse, even though we already know the answer.

Disney is doing this whole "nostalgia" thing right this year. First, they aired (almost) every single DCOM known to man over Memorial Day weekend. Then, they announced That's So Raven is getting a sequel series. And now this?!

We see you Disney, and we love you. But after this Hannah Montana marathon, could you please put Phil of the Future on DVD or streaming already?!

H/T Oh My Disney

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