Did Aria Kill [SPOILER] On 'Pretty Little Liars?'

"PLL" wasted no time diving right back into secrets and lies.

"Pretty Little Liars" is known for its breakneck pace. The show churns through so many shocking twists and turns that it often leaves us grasping for answers. However, last night's midseason premiere of "PLL" slowed things down, focusing on individual character beats and prioritizing emotion over mystery. It was a refreshing and compelling reboot of the series, which had frankly been running around in circles for its past few seasons.

The earnest episode, which took place five years after Charlotte DiLaurentis' big A reveal, also managed to pull off one of the more original twists in the show's history: A is dead. Near the end of the episode, Officer Toby discovered Charlotte's body outside of the Rosewood bell tower. She was clutching soft pink petals at the time of her death. Who killed Charlotte DiLaurentis? Clearly, that's going to be the central mystery going forward, as the Liars unravel the mystery of their master puppeteer, Uber A.

This is "Pretty Little Liars," however, and one mystery does not a show make. The Liars also have to deal with Sara Harvey, a total enigma whose true allegiance to A was revealed in the midseason finale. According to the Liars, something went down between them and Sara -- something that put Sara in the hospital for months after A's reveal -- and they've been keeping it secret for the last five years. Is Sara working with Uber A for revenge? Here are our biggest questions from the midseason premiere:

Who killed Charlotte DiLaurentis?

charlotte dilaurentis

Arguably the biggest question of the season, "Who killed Charlotte?" is the new "Who killed Ali?" from Season 1. In a lot of ways, this episode mirrored the events of the series premiere. Once again, Hanna, Spencer, Aria and Emily were together the night a DiLaurentis was killed, and they'll have to piece together the events of their boozy night as a team. Can any of the Liars really be trusted? They all had a reason to hate Charlotte; she mentally and physically tortured them for two years. But would any of them get revenge on A? Aria is the obvious suspect. She's the only one who told the judge the honest, necessary truth: no one should feel safe with Charlotte back in Rosewood. So, either Aria killed Charlotte, or someone, likely Uber A or Mona, is going to use that information to frame her for it.

Why is Emily taking mysterious medication?

pretty little liars emily

At a certain point in the episode, a comical amount of drug paraphernalia spilled out of Emily's bag and onto the floor -- needles, pills, etc. We also saw Emily take a few pills on the DL earlier in the episode. "PLL" has already experimented with with an addiction storyline in Season 5, when Spencer got addicted to study enhancement drugs. Would they really go that route again? And would Emily's addiction have anything to do with her shoulder injury from Season 3? Of course, the alternative would be that Emily is sick -- and we're not sure we could handle that.

Emily has had a rough few years. Her dad died and college, frankly, wasn't what she expected. So she dropped out and started bartending to make a living. When she returned to Rosewood, she was in a fragile state. Uber A will definitely use that to his/her advantage.

What did the Liars do to Sara Harvey?

pretty little liars sara harvey

Whatever happened to Sara Harvey the night of Charlotte's reveal, it wasn't good, and the Liars have been keeping it a secret for the last five years. Clearly, they feel partially responsible for what happened to Sara -- which doesn't seem like that big of a deal considering she was still in one piece at Charlotte's funeral, but we digress. So, what did the Liars do to Sara? We bet it was something similar to Ali's cruel joke on Jenna that went awry and caused a small explosion. If the Liars decidedly left Sara on the floor after Emily's knockout punch, and Charlotte's bomb happened to go off accidentally, then it makes sense that the Liars would feel some guilt for leaving Sara behind. Is that what really happened, though? Or was there something more sinister going on that night?

Is there something going on between Spencer and Caleb?


Did Spencer and Caleb seem unusually close in the midseason premiere? Not only did they hang out in D.C. -- where Caleb might even take a job with Spencer's campaign -- but he was staying with Spencer in the Hastings' family barn. Spencer was also the one who convinced Caleb to talk to Hanna after Charlotte's death. The show has been teasing Spencer and Caleb's chemistry since they teamed up in Season 5. Troian Bellisario and Tyler Blackburn have always been great together, but the thought of Spaleb actually becoming a thing in Season 6 is just so... weird. We know they're consenting adults, and that a lot can happen in five years, but it still felt like a huge betrayal to Hanna. Caleb was her first love, and the two still have fire chemistry together. Then again, homegirl is engaged, so we guess Spaleb can do whatever they want. (But that doesn't mean we have to ship it.)

Who is Toby building his dream house for?

Toby PLL

Spencer was surprised to learn that Toby -- who had somehow transformed into Noah from "The Notebook" -- was building his dream house. When she asked him who he was building it for, she seemed to think there was another girl in Toby's life. But Toby was obviously building the house for YOU, Spencer. Sure, he may have a new love interest, but Toby was so obviously still in love with Spencer. Honestly, if he was a cartoon character, there would have been cute little hearts darting out of his eyeballs.

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