Surprise! There's A New 'Twilight' Novel And You Can Read It RIGHT NOW

Stephenie Meyer just dropped a new gender-swapped 'Twilight' retelling, and it will blow your mind.

It's been 10 years since Edward Cullen and Bella Swan's epic love story became a worldwide phenomenon with "Twilight" -- and now author Stephenie Meyer is hoping Twihards fall in love with two new star-crossed lovers, Beau and Edythe.

For the 10th anniversary of "Twilight," out today (Oct. 6), Meyer and Little, Brown Books released a special edition of the classic novel, which includes a completely gender-swapped version of "Twilight," called "Life and Death: Twilight Reimagined." In it, Beau Swan moves to Forks, Washington and falls in love with the mysterious Edythe Cullen, who just so happens to be a -- you guessed it -- vampire.

Fans, as you can imagine, are being totally chill about the news:

We knew the anniversary edition would have bonus material, but we had no idea that Meyer had an entirely new book up her sleeve. So not only are you getting the original vampire story you fell in love with a decade ago, you're getting a brand new version for the same price. Thanks, Stephenie!

In the forward of the "Twilight" reimagining, revealed on GMA, Meyer addressed her decision to gender-swap all of her beloved characters -- with the exception of Charlie and Renée.

"Bella has always gotten a lot of censure for getting rescued on multiple occasions, and people have complained about her being a typical damsel in distress," Meyer wrote. "My answer to that has always been that Bella is a human in distress, a normal human being surrounded on all sides by people who are basically superheroes and supervillains."

"She’s also been criticized for being too consumed with her love interest, as if that’s somehow just a girl thing," she added. "But I’ve always maintained that it would have made no difference if the human were male and the vampire female -- it's still the same story. Gender and species aside, 'Twilight' has always been a story about the magic and obsession and frenzy of first love... So I thought to myself, 'Well, what if I put that theory to the test?'"

For the most part "Life and Death" is a straightforward retelling of "Twilight," but there are a few changes to the narrative. For example, Meyer described Beau's personality as being slightly "more OCD" and "not as angry" as Bella. "He's totally mussing the chip Bella carries around her shoulder all the time," Meyer wrote.

And then there's Archie Culler (aka Alice Cullen), who's slightly more involved in the action this time around thanks to some rethinking on Meyer's part. "Looking at it now, there are ways she should have been involved and wasn’t," she wrote." So there's even some bonus material to look forward to.

In other words, Twihards, prepare to fall in love with Beau, Edythe and the Cullens (Carine, Earnest, Royal, Eleanor, Jessamine and Archie) all over again.

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