Hey, David Lee Roth, You Think We're Your Analyst Or Something?

Does this look like a "man who just signed a deal with The Devil?"

For the circular file: David Lee Roth, generous and open

dude that he is, decided to share with us yesterday. And not just us here at

Addicted To Noise, but with, well, the whole wide world. We got his "Open

Letter From David Lee Roth," with was faxed to us by a PR firm, and you know,

it's really refreshing when a fading rock star decides not to do

something self-serving that will only get him back in front of the public for a

moment while simultaneously making his former band mates look bad. What a guy

that David Lee Roth is. "You've probably heard rumors that Van Halen and I will

not be consummating our highly publicized reunion," begins the "Open Letter."

Roth goes on to admit, however, that from the start of his re-newed

relationship with the Van Halen guys, "the band tip-toed around me sprinkling

sentiments like, 'this isn't a sure thing, Dave; this doesn't mean anything

long term, Dave; we're still auditioning other singers, Dave.' " Still, Mr.

Roth now feels betrayed, and worse, that he was an "unwitting participant" in

deceiving the public. Roth accuses Eddie Van Halen of deceiving the public

regarding his future with the band. Roth says that even as the quartet appeared

on the MTV Video Music Awards, another lead singer for Van Halen had already

been signed up to replace Sammy Hager, who was fired earlier this year. "It

certainly explains why on that night Edward looked as uncomfortable as a man

who just signed a deal with The Devil," writes Roth. "... It sickens me that

the 'reunion' as seen on MTV was nothing more than a publicity stunt. If I am

guilty of anything, I'm guilty of denial. I wanted to believe it just as much

as anyone else. Those who know me know that trickery was never my style."

Although a Warner Bros. Records spokesperson promised a response from Van Halen

management late Wed. afternoon, as this edition of "Music News Of The World"

was about to be put online, the statement had not arrived. However, in what can

only be described as one of those cosmic coincidences, a fax was transmitted to

the ATN office from A&M Records, the company for which Extreme has recorded,

announcing the breakup of Boston-based Extreme, and noting that vocalist Gary

Cherone "will announce his future plans soon." Step aside Davey, let Gary take


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