Amanda Seyfried Says 'Letters To Juliet' Is 'Super Romantic'

Actress says she had 'more chemistry' with co-star Christopher Egan than any other actors during audition.

In "Letters to Juliet," opening May 14, Amanda Seyfried's Sophie is torn between two guys: the multifaceted Brit hottie Charlie (Aussie newcomer Christopher Egan) and her fiancé, the equally hot but clueless chef Victor (Gael Garcia Bernal). Call it Sophie's choice -- she eventually does choose between the two.

Although Seyfried's co-stars, Egan and Bernal, promise plenty of eye candy in "Juliet," the beautiful Italian countryside in the city of Verona (home of Shakespeare's Juliet), where the movie is partly set, is also eye-catching. As part of our Summer Movie Preview, MTV News spoke to Seyfried, who admitted she's still smitten with the flick's gorgeous backdrop.

MTV: For a movie that's basing itself on "Romeo and Juliet," it's not too heavy-handed about playing up that aspect.

Amanda Seyfried: Yeah, if "Romeo & Juliet" didn't exist, the movie wouldn't exist, but otherwise it's its own story. Absolutely.

MTV: It feels like it's going to be the romantic comedy for the summer.

Seyfried: That'd be really nice. I don't know, I don't find it as funny. I thought the script was super romantic, and I loved that. But there are some funny elements when I saw the first cut. Maybe, that'd be nice.

MTV: You were shooting in a beautiful little world. What was it like being in Italy and filming on location?

Seyfried: It was amazing. Italy is the perfect place, really, in some ways the heart of Europe. Really old and really warm, and there's so much good wine and food and people and culture and art. It's the perfect place, and I can't believe I was able to live there for two months.

MTV: If you're going to fall in love anywhere, it kind of seems like the perfect place to fall in love with somebody.

Seyfried: Yeah, that's true. It is, like, beautiful sunsets and hillsides and good wine and food. It's sort of ideal.

MTV: Your character, she's sort of torn between these two guys. One guy is her fiancé, who doesn't seem to be a bad guy.

Seyfried: No, he's just completely engrossed in his career.

MTV: And then there's Charlie, who comes along.

Seyfried: He turned out to be the guy in the end, but it takes a little bit of that back-and-forth between Charlie and Sophie for them to see there's something between them. He taught her she's missing a lot in her relationship.

MTV: You and Christopher [Egan] have a nice little chemistry in the film. Were you familiar with him before?

Seyfried: I had seen something on him because he was in that show "Kings," but I didn't really know much about him. We had more chemistry than anybody else that I read with, so that was cool. He was the best for the job. I think he's so funny. It's hard not to be so charmed by him.

MTV: Is he very much like his [rather uptight] character in the movie?

Seyfried: No, he's not stiff at all. He's very wide-open and so loose and charismatic. He's so funny. He kept us laughing the whole time!

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