Shia LaBeouf Is Reportedly Engaged To Girlfriend Mia Goth

For real... not for some crazy performance art piece

Let the mighty Goth-LaBeouf union commence -- Shia LaBeouf is reportedly engaged to his longtime on-and-off girlfriend, Mia Goth.

According to Us Weekly, Goth, a British actress, was spotted wearing a large diamond ring on her engagement finger while grocery shopping at a local Gelson’s earlier this week. There, LaBeouf reportedly told the cashier that he and Goth were set to get married.

Us Weekly also points out that LaBeouf referred to Goth as his “fiancée” during his most recent interactive performance art piece, #Elevate. No, this wasn’t the one where he ran in circles around an art museum, nor the one where he watched his entire filmography in a New York movie theater. This was the one where he spent 24 hours straight in an elevator and live streamed the whole thing. Yeah, that one.

LaBeouf, 29, and Goth, 22, met on the set of 2012’s Nymphomaniac: Vol II. They reportedly split last July after a very public fight in Germany, where LaBeouf ended up with an injured hand and Goth was seen with a black eye. The couple were seen back together months later.