Black Men Care About Their Hair — It's Time Movies And TV Did, Too

'If you’re going to go out of your way to cast Black characters and tell Black stories on screen, make sure you are also investing in making sure that the hair is on point'

'Almost No One Would Take Me Seriously': How Everette Taylor Turned His Art-Buying Experience Into A Platform

'For my whole life, I’ve had to kick down doors that were closed in my face. I want to kick down more doors with ArtX'

America's Reigning Pageant Queens Are All Black: "This Shouldn't Be The Last Time This Happens"

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The Teen Who Egged A Politician Just Donated $100,000 To Mosque Attack Victims

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World Health Organization Announces Landmark Change For Transgender Identity

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Gillette's Newest Ad Highlights The Bond Between A Trans Artist And His Father

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34 Black Female Cadets Helped Make West Point's Graduating Class Its Most Diverse Ever

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Black Muslim Women On Protest, Faith, and Justice During Ramadan

'After all I had seen and witnessed — through all the pain, the violence, the sorrow, the death — Islam remained a constant for me'

Why Ramadan Is More Important To Me Than Ever

'Inflammatory rhetoric against Islam is everywhere. It is is hurtful and trying. Yet I am hopeful'

Here's The First Official Scary Clown Sighting Of 2019

Thankfully, there was no red balloon in sight

How To Be A Better Partner To A Sexual Assault Survivor

'Support, to me, looks like acceptance. And to take it a step further, not only accepting but embracing what happened and how it shaped me'

Who Benefits From Dress Codes? Almost Always, It's People In Power

The context surrounding what is 'appropriate' attire is rooted in respectability politics — and it's time to dismantle those norms

The Digital Gig Economy Can Help A Lot Of People. It Can Also Feel Like A Trap

'We’re ending up with these two tiers of workers — the individuals who are working on demand and the people who are doing the demanding'

Howard University Students Should Not Have To Ask for Their Space to Be Respected

'The safety of [The Yard] is important, but the safety of the space is important in context'

How Nipsey Hussle's Community Is Keeping His Activism Going

'Before Nipsey, many of us believed a myth that you have to be rich before you give back.'

Inside The Photography Book Honoring The American Transmasculine Community

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Meet River Gallo, The GLAAD Award-Winning Trailblazer Fusing Activism And Art

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Muslims Reflect On The Power Of Jummah Following The New Zealand Attacks

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9 Totally Legal Ways The Collegiate System Is Rigged In Favor Of Higher-Income Students

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These Style Powerhouses Are Using Fashion To Change The World Around Them

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Why Is Mental Health Still Taboo In the Black Community?

Clarkisha Kent, Kat Blaque, Kendrick Sampson, Kodie Shane, and Rashad Jennings come together for MTV News's Sound On.

Not Everyone Can Be 'Self-Made' — And That's OK

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