Deadmau5 Goes After ‘Meat Puppet’ Justin Bieber

And reveals he doesn't really 'hate' Skrillex.

We finally have some answers as to why Deadmau5 has been in a six-month feud with Skrillex: Justin Bieber.

The EDM producer took to his YouTube channel to say, in a swear-filled video, that he has no problem with his former friend, who he has gotten in several Twitter fights with over the past several months. However, he does have a problem with Bieber and puts him on blast, calling him a "meat puppet" who has been taking all the credit for his album, Purpose, even though Deadmau5 feels he had nothing to do with it.

"I can accept that his album is probably good, I have no qualms with that. I know decent production when I hear it,” he said. “That’s not what I’m mad about. What I’m mad about is that none of it is this little f--king dickhead’s. You get what I’m saying? ‘This is my album.' No, it’s not your f--king album. It's Skrillex’s f--king album. It's f--king god-knows-who's album."

Deadmau5 publicly criticized Justin's collaboration with Skrillex and Diplo, "Where Are Ü Now," calling it "sh-t" back in June, and now is saying that the "Sorry" singer jumped into a "sh-t-hot f--king scene."

"I can credit you, to be able to hold a pitch on two syllables throughout an entire 75-minute long f--king album. If that's the credit you deserve, that's the credit you get," he said. "You didn't make any of this f--king shit. You just basically jumped into a sh-t-hot f--king scene which is trappy dubsteppy Diplo thing and you just f--king took it and you Will.I.Am'd it, and they let you do it. That's what pisses me off. Thats what makes me an angry Twitter guy when it comes to those dudes."

Those dudes he's referring to are Diplo and his former friend and colleague, Skrillex, who went on a Twitter rant last month, calling Deadmau5, who used to be his label boss on mau5trap, a "washed up a–hole."

"It’s not that I hate Skrillex and I hate the sh-t he does...I hate that he allowed himself to be a goddamn tool for someone else, but I can’t be too much of an ass about it...he likes to do it. He’s a f--king little hippy and loves working with people, and that’s his thing. I can respect that," he said before later adding. "It’s not that I have a problem with dubstep, or Skrillex, or those guys that do things. I have a problem that they enable themselves and they put themselves in these positions to be a part of bullsh-t. Who aspires to be a part of bullsh-t? It f--king blows my mind."

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