These Rappers Are Calling Drake A Biter, And Meek Mill’s Got Nothing To Do With It

Migos' Quavo: 'Drizzy know he bit the flow.'

As the entire rap world knows by now, Meek Mill has accused Drake of having ghostwriters. But now, an allegation of artistic thievery is being thrown (or rather, re-launched) at Drizzy. This time, it comes from Migos.

"Drizzy? Drizzy bit the flow,” Takeoff says in an interview with Billboard published Tuesday (Aug. 11).

"C'mon, Drizzy know he bit the flow,” Quavo adds. "Drizzy got on 'Versace,' right? Then when I came on there I did 'Versace/ Versace/ Medusa head on me like I'm illuminati.' My boy Drizzy Drake got them bars from me. We together though. We ain't trippin' on boss.”

People have accused Drizzy of having a Migos-influenced flow for years. Back in 2013, for example, Quavo addressed those talks with MTV News when asked about Drake.

“We influenced a lot of rappers, man,” Quavo explained without mentioning Drizzy by name. “It’s a different type of delivery, so if everybody want to use it, we ain’t mad. We ain’t haters bro, we ain’t stopping nobody from gettin’ money.”

Interviews are cool, but Migos also touched on this topic with their music. On "Migos Origin," for instance, off their latest album, Yung Rich Nation, they also are candid about their thoughts on the flow.

And while the group says "your favorite rapper" is "bitin'" on that track, they aren't talking about Nas or Notorious B.I.G. In fact, Quavo told Billboard Nasty Nas is an "OG" who's "gon' keep it original" and that Biggie didn't bite their flow because he "did it first with Bone Thugs."

So, it seems that line was mainly aimed at Drake.

Do you hear a Migos influence in Drake's flow? Or does Drizzy have his own style? Let us know in the comments.