Blake Lively Stomps Around In Tomatoes: See Her Saucy Pics


We’ve said it before and we’ll say it again: Blake Lively can look amazing wearing literally anything. Even, it seems, an entire outfit splattered in tomatoes.

No, this wasn’t the result of some bashful crowd booing Blake and pelting her with fruit (psh, as if that would ever actually happen). Rather, the newly-brunette actress took part in a saucy celebration in Barcelona, where she’s shooting her upcoming drama “All I See Is You.”

Exemplifying the fact that Spanish people clearly know how to have fun, the city throws a festival where everyone stomps tomatoes and plays around in the mush. It’s a nod to La Tomatina, a famous food fight that happens at the end of August, and judging by Blake’s three Instagram posts documenting the fun, it looks like the best thing ever.

In her first pic, simply captioned “Before….,” Blake has the terrified/excited expression that would naturally come with knowing you’re about to reek of tomatoes for probably the rest of the year.

The next pic shows us the mushy aftermath, as Blake guards her eyes with a pair of scuba goggles. Continuing her penchant for weirdly long hashtags, she captioned it by poking fun at the media’s obsession over her new hair color: #ForgetStrawberryBlondeTHISisTomatoBronde, #DontRequestThisAtTheSalonForGoshSake, and #WillIEverLetTheDoggoneBrondeThingGoAlready?!

Finally, the 27-year-old appropriately freaked out about living every foodie’s dream, floating in the sea of tomato paste while somehow still managing to look glamorous, as only she could do.

“...I've finally become Italian food,” she captioned the saucy snap, complete with the hashtags #GoalsCOMPLETE, #CloudyWithAChanceOfAngelHair, and #YepThatsAFlyOnTheCenterOfMyNose.

We’d say Blake has probably reached her quota for tomatoes from now until the end of eternity, but this fashionable foodie would probably argue otherwise.