'Challenge' Reunion: The 'All Stars' Reveal Who They're Most Excited To See

And (of course) who they'd rather not

The Challenge is all about relationships -- friends and foes included. And when the All Stars take the field on April 1 -- streaming exclusively on Paramount+ -- the players are about to see some pals and adversaries.

In the video below, we asked the 22 iconic players -- some of whom viewers haven't seen since the early 2000s -- to reveal who they are the most (and least) excited to see. While Inferno winner Kendall is thrilled to be back with her Campus Crawl cohort Darrell, Real World veterans Beth and Syrus both chose each other because they are "real friends" outside of the game. And then there's Teck, who hasn't missed a beat since his Real World: Hawaii days.

"Of course, I'm excited to see the ladies," he states in the clip above. "You know I want to see who is going to be in the house with me!"

Who is looking forward to reuniting with her bridesmaid and former roommate? Who isn't exactly thrilled to see her former Duel 2 cast member? And why doesn't Jisela vibe with this Gauntlet 2 alum? Watch the group above -- and do not miss the premiere of The Challenge: All Stars on April 1 on Paramount+.

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