5SOS Fans And Harmonizers Are At War Over The VMAs: Who Will Win?

Only one group can come out on top!

5 Seconds of Summer and Fifth Harmony have a lot in common. They've both got "five" in their name, they write incredible music, they have dedicated fan bases -- and they're both nominated for the Song of Summer prize at the Video Music Awards this year.

It's those last two points of interest that are totally blowing up Twitter right now, as fans of both groups are still plugging away at some last minute hashtag votes for their faves. And it's working -- both groups got the hashtags trending multiple times last night, and it's only getting more heated as time goes on!

And of course, the groups themselves are egging their fans on by RTing their favorite vote tweets, and begging for more:

Just remember, 5SOS-ers, it's #ShesKindaHotVMA, not #ShesKindaHotMVA -- don't let Luke Hemming's unfortunate Twitter typos fool you!

So, who will take home the award? Find out tonight, Sunday, August 30 at 9/8c!