'The Walking Dead': Hold Up, SPOILER Might Not Be Dead -- And Here's Why

There's still hope — for now, at least.


So, you're super bummed out about what happened to Glenn on last night's "Walking Dead." Well, good news! It didn't happen — not the way you think.

There's a strong contingent of fans who believe Glenn survived what appeared to be an undeniable demise… and believe it or not, the argument has weight. Did our eyes deceive us last night — or, more accurately, did the creators of the show deceive us?

Here are a few of the reasons why some fans think Glenn isn't dead quite yet:

Let The Bodies Hit The Floor



When Nicholas shoots himself in the head, he falls forward onto Glenn, causing them both to crash on the ground. Nicholas lands right on top of Glenn. The theory goes that the walkers are ripping Nicholas' chest apart, not Glenn's. If you watch the scene, Glenn's chest looks awkwardly puffed up; it wouldn't be awkward if it wasn't his chest, though. Also, if you watch the episode again, you can see both Glenn and Nicholas are wearing gray T-shirts — so the shirt color matches if it's Nicholas getting torn to pieces instead of Glenn.

No Guts, No Glory



Okay, let's say Nicholas is the one getting eaten, not Glenn. How does that explain Glenn getting out from beneath all these walkers with his life intact? Well, it wouldn't be the first time Glenn's used guts to navigate an army of zombies. We saw him implement that trick in the second episode of "Walking Dead." What if Nick's ripped-up remains provide Glenn with the camouflage he needs to escape certain death?

Down in the Dumps



Glenn has another possible means for escape. Earlier in the episode, we can see that there's room to crawl beneath the dumpster that Glenn and Nicholas wind up on. In the final look at Glenn in the episode, he's right next to the dumpster, and it looks like the walkers are eating Nicholas — not necessarily Glenn. Totally possible that he's covered in guts, crawls under the dumpster, and waits the situation out until the coast is clear.

He's Not Done (With) "Talking"



When major characters die on "The Walking Dead," they show up on "The Talking Dead." That's how it works. Steven Yeun did not appear on "Talking Dead" this week to eulogize the fan-favorite pizza delivery man he's played for going on six years now. Further, during the "Talking Dead" segment paying tribute to the episode's deceased characters, Glenn never gets mentioned — a glaring omission, if nothing else, and really, it's something else.

It's Not His Time



Glenn plays a critical role in an immensely iconic moment from the "Walking Dead" comics that still hasn't happened on the show. Granted, the TV series does not slavishly follow the beats of the comic books, but ignoring this moment would be like cutting Woodbury and Alexandria out of the story; you just don't do that. So, Glenn still has some unfinished business on the table, if the show wants to hit a home run with one of the source material's biggest jaw-droppers.

I Looked Into His Eyes And They Changed Colors Before He Died



Wait, no, wrong show. But still, Glenn's alive. It is known.

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