'Spider-Man' Is Circling A Surprise Pick For Aunt May

Marisa Tomei is first choice to play Peter Parker's legal guardian.

Aunt May has always been the sweet old lady of the "Spider-Man" universe, but that might change come the next reboot, according to the latest casting rumor.

Variety has the scoop that filmmakers have found their first choice to play Peter Parker's guardian, and she's no senior citizen: instead, the role is reportedly on offer to Marisa Tomei.

Tomei is probably best known for playing a loudmouthed mechanic with a ticking biological clock in "My Cousin Vinny," the role that won her an Oscar, but you can see her soon in a guest spot on "Empire" as well as in a cameo in the Amy Schumer comedy "Trainwreck." And while there's been no formal announcement yet, she's a perfect pick to play Aunt May to Tom Holland's Peter Parker in the reboot that wants to make Spider-Man's third outing something different.

She's got the right kind of resume.


Whether it's just coincidence or a necessity for the role, Aunt May has always been played by someone with serious acting chops. Tomei is an Oscar-winner, obviously, but she's also spent her career playing emotionally complex roles, which means we can count on her to make the complicated relationship between Peter Parker and his aunt a believable one.

But she's never done a superhero movie -- which in today's world is just flat-out ridiculous.


With movies based on comic books making up so much of the landscape in Hollywood, finding an accomplished actress with no connections to the Marvel universe is damn near impossible. It would be ludicrous not to take advantage of the opportunity.

This May is gonna be a hot one.


Tomei is only 50 and, let's be real, still a total sex bomb, which would make this iteration of Parker's auntie very different (in a fun way!) from the sort of grandmotherly versions played by Rosemary Harris and Sally Field. Bring on hottie Aunt May.