Nicole Kidman Is Paranoid And Beautiful In The "Before I Go To Sleep" Trailer

We're definitely not at Pemberley any more, Colin Firth.

The first trailer for the upcoming Nicole Kidman and Colin Firth-fronted "Before I Go to Sleep" is out, and it basically looks like "Memento" made a baby with "Vertigo" (for the record, that's some seriously prime offspring).

The mystery thriller is based on author S.J. Watson's best-selling novel of the same name, which details the plight of a woman who wakes up with chronic amnesia and must attempt to discover her attempted murderer. Firth stars as Kidman's husband (is it just us, or does he not seem trustworthy?) and Mark Strong is her mad scientist-esque doctor.

Among all the Hitchcockian violin cues and blue-tinted bleakness, it seems pretty clear that Kidman is doing her darndest to put in a tour de force performance and Firth is putting more and more distance between himself and that beloved Jane Austen hero he once embodied. It's cool, Colin – we like you very much, just as you are.

Will you catch "Before I Go to Sleep" when it hits theaters September 12?