Lady Gaga's 'ARTPOP' App: 4 Fun Features Worthy Of 'Applause'

MTV News checks out the new app and also prepares for the features yet to be unveiled.

Lady Gaga's most recent ARTPOP release came with a lot of fanfare: an ARTRAVE in Brooklyn, a massive sculpture of Gaga created by Jeff Koons and, of course, an app, available now for Android and iOS.

Gaga worked with app-designer Relative Wave, a mobile developer that also worked on Bjork's 2011 app for her Biophilia album.

In some ways, Gaga's app is a standard artist app -- it features buy links to the album, for one. But in many others, it's a kind of new spin on her Little Monsters online community, allowing fans to interact with each other -- and her -- as well as to create their own art, inspired, it seems, largely by Jeff Koons' gazing balls.

As you're fixing to add this app to your digital collection, MTV News has broken down four fun things you can do with it -- as well as two features we're looking forward to.

Read Your Aura

When you first fire up the app, you'll be greeted by a glowy, virtual character named Petga, who will help you create your aura -- a reference to the Gaga song by that name. Enter your name, enable location, and let Petga scan your aura with your phone's camera.

Then, you'll be able to fine-tune your essence by selecting your personality characteristics (artistic, entrepreneurial, poetic, social, techy, etc.), favorite forms of artistic expression (painting, graphic design, sculpture, theater, etc.), chosen themes from ARTPOP, and the lyrics that best represent you.

Finally, touch the screen to generate your aura, a shiny, rotating ball similar to one of Koons' gazing balls. Apparently it will grow and change as you use the app more and more.

Listen To ARTPOP

If you own the album, you can listen to ARTPOP via a virtual record player while playing with the app.

Chat With Other Monsters

After connecting the app to your Little Monsters account, you'll be able to converse with other fans about a variety of subjects via chat rooms -- from "Fashion!" to "Swine."

Create And Share GIFs

Perhaps the most fun aspect of the app is the ability to create your own Gaga-inspired GIFs via the "ArtHaus" section of the app. When you click into it via the home screen, you'll first be able to check out popular GIFs (and give props to and remix the art of others), recent GIFs and GIFs actually seen by Gaga.

After gleaning some inspiration, click the little plus sign at the top of the screen next to your name to create your own GIF. Here, you'll be able to choose a background, an object to occupy said background (a gazing ball, head, animal, etc.) and jigger the animation of that object. There's a variety of different patterns you can use as well, including images from your own camera. Once you're done with your GIF, you can share it across your social networks.

Two Experiences We're Looking Forward To

Gaga didn't let all the cats out of the bag with the app premiere. On the home screen, there are also two other features forthcoming: Trakstar and GagaTV. We're not sure what these aspects entail, but we're guessing Trakstar has something to do with DJing -- that much is indicated when you check out your user profile, which boasts the feature "Live DJ Sessions in Trakstar."

According to the home screen countdown clock, these features will be coming in about 140 days, so hang tight, Monsters!