Sneak Peek: Is Chloe's 'Siesta Key' Season Really Coming To 'An End'?

Meanwhile, Cara's about to begin...again

Goodbye Chloe, hello Cara (!?!).

On tonight's Siesta Key episode, the MTV pals departed Sarasota for a getaway in Palm Island, the Grenadines (thanks, Sam). But Chloe, who previously stated that the Caribbean journey did "not sit right" and she wasn't willing to put her progress "on the line," opted to officially skip the month-long stay and remain in the Sunshine State.

"She doesn't trust herself, and she doesn't want to put herself back in this environment, where she knows she's gonna be a bitch. Where she's going to gossip," Juliette stated as the group kicked off night 1 at their shipwrecked-themed party.


While Amanda said that Chloe believed it would be a "negative experience," Madisson felt the group was "not complete."

And in a sneak peek of the next episode in two weeks (peep it below), Chloe had some shocking words for everyone.

"My season of Siesta Key has come to an end," she declares in a selfie video. Time to "freak out."

But that's not all: Cara, who previously quit the show, is set to return to the fray. Nope, she's not "f*cking done!"

"Cara is coming to the island," Kelsey says in the aforementioned teaser (we are all Garrett). And shortly after, we hear the former new girl ask, "Happy to see me, right?"

What impact will Cara's arrival make? And pivoting back to Chloe: Did we really just see the last her? Give your take in the comments, and do not miss Siesta Key on Wednesday, June 16 at 8/7.

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