Shangri La Zombies Walkthrough - 'Call Of Duty: Black Ops'

If you've played Zombies in "Call of Duty: Black Ops," you're probably aware that each of the recent Zombie maps has a hidden quest which requires an insane number of secret steps to complete. The latest Zombies map, "Shangri La," is no different, and if you're interested in unlocking the Time Travel Will Tell achievement for a cool 75G, you're going to want to follow a walkthrough to show you all the steps. Seriously, follow a walkthrough. Once you watch the video below, you'll realize that you could never figure this stuff out on your own. Unless you work at Treyarch, that is.

For tips on mastering the other maps, check out our "Call of Duty: Black Ops" Zombies Mode survival guide.

NTGAchievements did an excellent job compiling the process into the following steps (with included shortcuts to that part of the video):

#1 Power

#2 Eclipse then tiles

#3 Eclipse then Slide

#4 Eclipse then shoot crystal by slide and shrink and knife

#5 Eclipse then lure Napalm Zombie though gas after turning valve then hit switch by valve after all leaks are on fire and make sure its all done before night goes to day

#6 Eclipse then plug holes with spikemores then hold "X" at waterfall button

#7 Eclipse then Wall Tiles and after all tiles are illuminated destroy Wooden TP thing with explosives

#8 Eclipse then Mud room dials 4,3,1 and 16 which is a "Cl."

#9 Pack a Punch the Shrink Ray

#10 Eclipse then gongs then shoot dynamite crystal with shrink ray and catch dynamite then shoot the last acquired crystal and that should shrink the meteor

#11 Eclipse if its not still dark and then activate Pack a Punch stairs and give dynamite through wall and then...


Watch the video just to know what you're looking for and the, while you're playing through, it's a good idea to have a text guide handy. Look no further than the "Call of Duty" Wikia, which proves to be a great resource.

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