'Twilight' Fans Furious After Russell Brand Cuts Off Robert Pattinson At VMAs

'That's basically a FRICKIN SIN in the fandom,' one Twilighter fumes.

Sunday's [article id="1594283"]Video Music Awards[/article] were a high-adrenaline, star-studded affair that took many careers to the next level in front of a viewing audience of millions. Britney Spears, Rihanna, the Jonas Brothers and all the others deserve to take a step forward and pat themselves on the back.

While the Internet is already abuzz with debate over whether the British comedian's riffing on promise rings and Republicans was actually funny, one very vocal group has already made up its mind. Following a perceived slight from [article id="1585823"]the "Forgetting Sarah Marshall" co-star[/article], Twilighters are anything but amused.

"The host (who was that?) was really annoying, especially when he cut off Rob!" a furious fan calling herself "Chelsea" posted on the MTV Movies Blog. "He's the star of 'Twilight,' you think he could have said his line without being interrupted."

The controversy kicked off when Brand introduced "Twilight" stars Kristen Stewart, Taylor Lautner, Cam Gigandet and Robert Pattinson for their much-hyped appearance. Strolling into an aisle to introduce [article id="1594282"]a performance by Paramore[/article] in a re-creation of Hollywood's Whisky a Go Go, the actors each took a turn reciting their lines — but before Pattinson could conclude their moment in the sun, Brand cut off the 22-year-old heartthrob.

"This is a confusing concept," the VMA host rambled as Pattinson could only stand there, politely waiting his turn to speak. "It's bloody confusing, but something exciting is about to happen. Paramore are going to perform from the Whisky ..."

As Brand continued to go off the page, Pattinson tried once again to say his line, but all he could get out was a barely heard, "Please welcome ..." Suddenly, his position of honor (being the "Twilight" star to get the final word) had turned into a perceived embarrassment.

"He insulted all 'Twilight' fans," a Twilighter named Sukiyaki posted on "MTV, I hope you have enough space to house all the hate mails about Russell Brand."

"Be prepared for one helluva letter, Russell," declared Natasha, posting the mailing address for Brand's management and organizing a write-in campaign by the millions of readers who've made Stephenie Meyer's novels bestsellers.

"That's basically a FRICKIN SIN in the fandom," fumed babyvampire29, claiming that she was sharpening her spork in preparation to retaliate. "I mean, CUTTING OFF ROB?! No, MTV. Just no. That wasn't smart. Not at all."

Within minutes of the broadcast, a Facebook group named "Twilight Fans Against Russel [sic] Brand" emerged. Its none-too-subtle profile image features a picture of the 2008 VMA host with a scribbled slash through his face and the words "F--- you!!"

Over on YouTube, users like BillieJoesEntourage and youwish2009 fanned the flames with their own angry videos, and beloved Twilighter NoMoreMarbles uploaded "VMAs + Twilight = TRAGEDY," a hilarious rant and reenactment of the event, to MTV's YouRHere.

"I'm actually a fan of Russell Brand," a user named Wendy vented on the Movies Blog, one of more than 400 comments posted within 12 hours of the broadcast. "But I wanted to jump through the screen and punch him for interrupting Rob."

"F--- U Russell for interrupting Spunk!" a reader named Nightmare and Dream commented, using a nickname Pattinson earned from one of his "Twilight" Tuesday appearances on MTV. "Rob has an amazing hot voice, and we only heard 1.5 words from him!"

You can bet that next time MTV News interviews Brand or Pattinson, we'll be sure to get the straight story on what exactly went down. But this much is known: Pattinson did have a line to deliver. Part of the fun of any MTV awards show is its live, unpredictable nature, but once the broadcast is turned over to the stars, such spontaneous events don't always play themselves out to everyone's satisfaction.

Nevertheless, this year's VMAs follow a (much more successful) appearance by [article id="1588579"]Pattinson, Stewart and Gigandet at the MTV Movie Awards[/article] in June. And in the eyes of some Twilighters, the unprecedented honor of getting their heroes onstage at both shows several months before their movie even comes out is a triumph in itself.

"I don't blame MTV for Brand, cuz let's face it, that guy is off his rocker and they can't control the situation when it's live," explained kelliejo806. "No do-overs."

"Peace to MTV," declared Sukiyaki. "WAR TO BRAND!"

"OK OK OK, these comments are turning out to be very negative," rationalized AL08 on the Movies Blog boards. "Rob seems like the type to want to be in the back & be shy, so it fits that he would walk in the back and not care if he wasn't in front. It was great of Cam to pull him to the front & it sucks he didn't get to read his line but he laughed about it, which I thought was funny."

"Poor Rob! I mean, I'm sure he's fine with not saying his lines, but the fact that Russell made those moments so extremely awkward, made me feel kind of embarrassed for them. It was easy to see that it was not part of the script, so I guess we're all just wanting what could have been (like Robert saying more than 2 words)," sighed peachplumpear, looking forward to her favorite day of the week, which Twilighters can safely assume will never, ever feature Russell Brand. "Let's hope there's an amazing 'Twilight' Tuesday to redeem this."

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