Watch Kate Winslet Reenact 'Titanic' Because The Heart DOES Go On

Draw me like one of your French girls, Bear Grylls.

Kate Winslet is undeniably one of Hollywood's greatest talents, and her work post-1997 has garnered four Academy Award nominations and one win.

...But still, for a large number of children of the '90s, she will always be known first and foremost as Rose DeWitt Bukater, a simple rich girl from Philadelphia who just wanted to be free from the oppressive grip of her first-class family. (Specifically Billy Zane, who was not a cool dude in "Titanic.") So imagine our utmost excitement when, in the midst of a segment on "Running Wild with Bear Grylls" on Monday, Winslet spontaneously threw out one of her most famous (and most frequently quoted) lines: "Jack, I feel like I'm flying!"

Hey, it's no "draw me like one of your French girls," but that wouldn't have been safe for TV. Check out the '90s-tastic clip here!