Orlando Bloom Says He's All Done With 'Pirates,' 'Lord Of The Rings'

'I'm looking forward to taking on some completely new challenges,' actor says as 'At World's End' hits theaters.

He spent the first half of his Hollywood life crafting "The Lord of the Rings" trilogy and the years since trying to top himself with the "Pirates of the Caribbean" films. Add "Troy" and "Black Hawk Down," and no one has generated more box-office booty in the past six years than Orlando Bloom.

With "Pirates of the Caribbean: At World's End," the 30-year-old actor bids farewell to the pirating life once and for all. In an exclusive sit-down, a candid Bloom told us why he's sheathing his sword for good, how his trilogies stack up against "Star Wars" and why a different actor will have to play Legolas if Hollywood makes "The Hobbit."

MTV: Back in the '70s, the "Star Wars" films portrayed a young hero, a smart-mouthed damsel and a charismatic rogue -- and they defined a generation. Do you think "Pirates" will be remembered for doing the same?

Orlando Bloom: Wow, I don't know. I wouldn't be the right person to ask. What I do think is kind of cool about these films is that the fans really seem to have taken ownership of them in a way that perhaps they did on the "Star Wars" trilogy or "Lord of the Rings," even.

MTV: Is the common factor the complexity of these trilogies?

Bloom: Yeah, there's a real sense [that] the movie isn't dumbed down for the audience. The avid pirate fan can really get lost in the world of "Pirates." Being such a strong ensemble piece, they can [wonder], "OK, what are Pintel and Ragetti doing at this point?"

MTV: There are a lot of stories going on.

Bloom: Exactly. They all have their stories, and they all have a sense of closure [in "At World's End"]. The great thing about this third movie is that it's the end of a trilogy of films. There is a sense of, "OK, the loose ends really do come to a close." That will be very satisfying for audience members (see [article id="1559153"]"Pirates' Spoils: 'At World's End' Secrets Arrr Right Here"[/article]).

MTV: Johnny Depp has used these movies to do something extremely rare: create a character larger than the film he's in. As an actor, what skills does he possess that make you go, "Wow"?

Bloom: He's got this amazing physical ability and this control of his face. He has this comic timing to his physicality. [Depp] is a really phenomenal actor, and I've loved working with him and seeing the way he creates a character. It's been really rewarding.

MTV: You keep saying things like "I've loved working with him." Is this the end of the line for you? What is the future of the "Pirates" franchise?

Bloom: I'm looking forward to "Pirates 10" because I'm gonna come out with a walker, and Johnny's gonna be wheeling himself out in a wheelchair. [He laughs.]

MTV: Seriously, though, Johnny has said he'd do more. Would you?

Bloom: Honestly, it's been a really great, fun ride. I'm looking forward to doing some theater in London at the end of this.

MTV: Theater?

Bloom: Yes, I'm looking forward to taking on some completely new challenges. I'll be sad to see it go, but it's time to do something new for me. The great thing about this film is that, as a trilogy, there's closure.

MTV: Would you like to see a Jack Sparrow spinoff movie?

Bloom: Yeah, that would be awesome. I think he's created a fantastic character, and you never say never to things like that because it's been so much fun. I think everyone's really enjoyed doing it. But I feel like I've been making a "Pirates" movie most of my adult life.

MTV: There's been a lot of talk lately about relaunching the "Lord of the Rings" franchise with a movie based on "The Hobbit." Would you ever be willing to bring back Legolas the elf?

Bloom: I have not [been approached for] a "Hobbit" movie. And I think we covered it with "Lord of the Rings."

MTV: So that's it for Legolas?

Bloom: Yeah. And besides, Legolas isn't really in "The Hobbit."

MTV: Well, he's not mentioned in "The Hobbit," but Tolkien's later writings said that he and his father, Thranduil, were indeed there.

Bloom: Oh really? Yeah, maybe they'll create a subplot for Legolas. [He laughs.] But who's directing it? Peter Jackson (see [article id="1546327"]"Lord Of The Rings' Director Peter Jackson Won't Make 'The Hobbit' "[/article])?

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