Busta Rhymes: I Didn't Mean Apocalypse Would Be 'Literal'

'The world as we knew it did come to an end in 2001 ... so my math was correct,' Bus tells MTV News hours before failed doomsday.

OK, so the world didn't end on December 21 (Friday) as the Mayans predicted, but Busta Rhymes insists that his apocalyptic calculations were still correct.

On his 1996 solo debut album, The Coming, Busta warned "there's only five years left" during the fade-out to his single "Everything Remains Raw." From that moment, hip-hop fans started a doomsday countdown based off the Dungeon Dragon's prophecy. Well, five years came and went and we're still here, and we even survived the Mayan apocalypse, but Bussa Bus says it was the fans that got it all wrong -- and he was actually right.

"This is what people misinterpret: I never said the world was gonna end in a literal sense, even though that's the way I always gave it up in the music and through the concepts of my albums," Busta told MTV News when we caught up with him on Thursday night.

"When I put out 'Everything Remains Raw' in '96, five years after that was 2001 and, in 2001, the world that we knew changed because of the Twin Towers," he explained of the events of September 11.

Busta pointed to the 9/11 terrorist attacks as proof that a figurative end-of-the-world scenario did in fact happen as he'd predicted. "In America, the laws changed, a whole lot of infrastructure with the laws and our civil liberties being taken from us was actually being put in effect in a literal way," he continued. "So the world as we knew it did come to an end in 2001, when that situation transpired, so my math was correct."

Busta is so unaffected by the Mayan prophecy that he had already planned to drop his brand-new mixtape, Catastrophic, with his Conglomerate MCs Reek da Villian and J-Doe, on the so-called doomsday.

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