What Sort Of Evil Did Scott And His Pack 'Let Out' On 'Teen Wolf'?

There's always a price to pay

"It must be stopped."

Those four words courtesy of Captain Vague (aka Halwyn the hellhound) appear to be setting the stage for the final 10 Teen Wolf episodes, but what "it" is exactly remains a mystery.

Shortly before [spoiler alert] Miss Monroe — the school-guidance-counselor-slash-supernatural-hunter — nailed him in the head, Halwyn was a man on a mission during tonight's Season 6 summer premiere. (Guess being cooped up in a ball of hardened volcanic ash for several decades will do that to you.)


While very little is known about this enigmatic escape artist who was supposedly "let out," we do know this: Scott and his crew released it when they opened the door to the Wild Hunt, and it could bare a striking resemblance to Liam, our token Alpha-in-training. You might recall Halwyn's confusion when he held the beta in a chokehold ("No. No, it's not you.") shortly after going head-to-head with the badass Parrish.

Meanwhile, our favorite lycanthrope and his pack were too preoccupied with their post-high-school lives to even realize something supernatural was amiss — until they found themselves face-to-face with a dozen dead wolves and an extremely grotesque rat king. Seeing as the one who held the key to this on-the-loose evil is now lying dead in a ditch, will Scott and Co. be able to nab it (without the help of Stiles) before it's too late? As Lydia says ominously, "There's always a price to pay."

Sound off with your theories and catch an all-new episode next Sunday at 8/7c.

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