'The Hangover' is Dark, Also Rises in Epic Mashup

Something's rotten in the state of Gotham City, and it's not the metallic stank of Bane's handmade grenades. It's actually a baby diaper, the one worn by the tot backpacked to Zach Galifiankis, breakout star of the "Hangover" franchise, the third installment of which comes out in May.

So let's all scratch our heads in collective bewilderment at the fact that, until now, there were apparently zero "The Dark Knight"-"Hangover" crossover mashups. They just didn't exist, despite the brainiacs who plunge the web full of geek-sanctioned movie buffery day after day, hour after hour. But, finally, it's here, and Ken Jeong is looking super-serious about it.

In other words, the Dark Knight certainly Rises, but not 'til noon and with a pounding headache. It was that kind of night.

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