Let's Rank All 39 Of Jared Leto's Hairstyles

Yes, he's had <i>that</i> many.

Let's be real, we're still thinking about that incredible braid Jared Leto sported at the Golden Globes last night. Those shiny ombre strands twisted together in the perfectly-messy pulled back ’do might be one of our most favorite looks of all time, but that got us thinking–just how many hairstyles has Jared sported throughout the years? And is it actually our favorite?

" text="OMG, Jared Leto Wore A Braid To The Golden Globes"]

Well, we did some serious digging and pulled up, well, every single hairstyle Jared has ever worn (39, to be exact). Check ’em out below, and vote up whichever look you like best to see which is the winner!

" text="Jared Leto’s Ombré Gods Are Opening A Salon: Peep 24 Inspo Pics Before You Go"]

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