Noname Casts A Jazzy Spell Onto Perplexing 'Song 32'

The rapper's flows are softer and milkier than ever

The fascination with Noname's transfixing lyrics means that whenever she drops a new track, the world salivates. Her voice is always frighteningly calm as she waxes and waxes without breathing or changing her expression. She just goes. "Song 32" is her latest drop and it continues the enchantment thanks to its long, mellow spell. As it stands right now, there's nothing quite as soothing as a new Noname record in this music space.

It's 55 degrees outside, 8:32 in the morning, and the sun is peaking through the clouds: This is a feel that "Song 32" gives you, a mellow morning on spring, uneventful and plain. The production's what you get when you casually dip into the earnestness of neo-soul but speed it up a tad with veiny drums. Noname's breathless rhyme pattern sounds at home, and lovely here. "I'm America at its best," she exclaims, then repeats, letting the song breathe in between each word. She repeats "yippee ki-yay" throughout the song like she's John McClane from Die Hard or a cowboy on the plains. But the energy is beautifully played against the song's calmness, backed up by her transfixing lyricism and flow patterns. It's a beautiful mix of aesthetics that calms the nerves.

"Song 32" is a follow-up to "Song 31" that she released earlier this year. Her sophomore album, Room 25, came out last year. Her two latest records could signal a new project on the horizon from her, but let's bask in her latest tunes for right now. Stretch out on the couch while you're at it. Grab some red grapes from the fridge and open the window.

Listen to the smooth sounding 'Song 32' up above.

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