How Many Box Office Records Did 'Catching Fire' Actually Break?

The 'Hunger Games' sequel has taken a title from more than 'Twilight.'

"The Hunger Games: Catching Fire" was big -- like Effie's hair big. On Sunday, the box-office estimates for the weekend put the Jennifer Lawrence-led movie on pace to earn $161.1 million, according to Box Office Mojo. Wait, that's not Effie's hair big. That's President Snow's beard big!

With the news that "Catching Fire" torched the box office also came a list of records that Katniss smashed on the way to the top of the ticket-sales charts. For a quick recap of the records that "Catching Fire" broke over the weekend, we've given a breakdown of each one below.

Biggest November Opening Of All-Time

Take that, Bella Swan! This was the record that YA fans had a close eye on because it was the one that most directly pitted the current championship of the YA genre against the series that started it all. "Twilight: New Moon" held the previous record at $142.8 million. The number three and four spot for November also belong to the vampire series. The two-part finale, "Breaking Dawn," follows closely behind "New Moon" with $141 million for "Part 2" and $138 million for "Part 1."

Biggest Opening Weekend Ever (2-D only)

Thanks to the higher ticket prices, 3-D has become a favorite of studios looking to top the all-time chart. "Catching Fire" managed to get within three spots of the #1 spot without the added help. "The Avengers," "Iron Man 3," and "Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows - Part 2" had the benefit of 3-D screening. It's definitely worth noting that "Catching Fire" didn't have its own boost.

Biggest Holiday Weekend Opening

"Catching Fire" has already seen some of the benefit of opening near a holiday, but the full effects of this will come later this weekend, when everybody is off from school and work and has nothing to do. Do you know what they'll probably do? We'd wager that they're either going to finally go see "Catching Fire" or go watch it again.

4th Biggest Opening Weekend Ever (Overall)

"Catching Fire" now stands in the company of box-office giants like "The Avengers," "Harry Potter" and "The Dark Knight Rises." It's with the last name on that list that "Catching Fire" could do a switcheroo with. As Box Office Mojo points out, $161.1 million is based on an estimate that could prove to be wrong. Keep an eye out to see where the latest "Hunger Games" sends up on the all-time list.

Best. Movie. Of. All-Time. Ever. OHMYGOD IT WAS SO AMAZING!

Also unconfirmed, we heard a few people yelling this after our screening.