Drake Explains His Comments About Rihanna

Young Money MC says his comments about Rihanna were 'in no way negative.'

By being candid both in life and in rhyme, [article id="1641195"]Drake is discovering[/article] that his brand of raw honesty can come at a cost. In a profile in Sunday's New York Times, the Toronto MC said he was "a pawn" to pop diva Rihanna. Now, his revealing remarks about their long-rumored fling are making headlines.

Drake, however, said his intent wasn't to offend the "Umbrella" star.

"That's a moment that I've been eager, sort of, to explain," he told MTV News. "I feel like when people write about it or try to take an excerpt from me describing it, it's gonna sound negative. And in no way was it negative. I'm at one of the greatest places in my life -- I'm on top of the world. I'm extremely confident, so it's very rare that anybody, let alone a woman that I like, makes me feel nervous or makes me feel small.

"She's just such an overwhelming and incredible person," Drake continued. "And such a talented person and someone that I was like, 'I can't believe I'm here talking to this individual,' that she just gave me that feeling like when I was 17 years old trying to take Nikki Ramos, this girl from Toronto, out on a date and she never wanted to go with me. She never would go; she would have a million excuses why she couldn't talk to me. That's how [Rihanna] made me feel, she made me feel small; she made me feel nervous. It just put me back to the Acura in Toronto, feeling like Aubrey Graham, not Drake."

The two stars caused quite a stir last year when New York City tabloids reported the pair were spotted getting cozy at an upscale Manhattan bowling alley. [article id="1611921"]Drake denied the talk[/article], appearing on local radio station Hot 97 to say he and Rihanna were just friends.

But on his debut, Thank Me Later, he addresses the topic on opening track [article id="1640148"]"Fireworks," clearing the air[/article] and looking back on the moment -- and what could have been.

"I could tell it wasn't love/ I just thought you f---ed with me/ Who could have predicted/ Lucky Strike would have you stuck with me," Drake spits in the second verse. "Damn, I kept my wits about me, luckily/ What happened between us that night it always seems to trouble me/ Now all of a sudden, these gossip rags want to cover me/ And you making it seem like it happened that way because of me."

Still, in spite of his lyrics, Drake isn't one to kiss and tell. When asked what it was like to plant one on Rihanna, the rapper was coy.

"I don't know what you're talking about," he smiled and looked away.

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