Britney Spears' New Single Is A 'Surefire Hit,' Perez Hilton Says

Ryan Seacrest, who has heard the final cut of 'Hold It Against Me,' also gives the tune his seal of approval.

The demo for Britney Spears' new single, [article id="1655472"]"Hold It Against Me,"[/article] that hit the Web on Thursday is catching people's attention, and it seems clear that the pop star wants everyone to hit the dance floor and party. The unfinished track, which feature the vocals of songwriter Bonnie McKee rather than Brit herself, is a dirty, grinding club banger with pulsing beats and lustful lyrics.

The track already has the media talking. "With her vocals on that it's going to be an undeniable, surefire hit," [article id="1655278"]Perez Hilton told MTV News[/article]. "I loved it. My own critique is that the demo sounds a little too much like Ke$ha. I hope that the finished song feels like a Britney song. Beside that it's still to me a hit song."

Perez's Ke$ha comparison likely can be attributed to the work of Dr. Luke. And the gossip guru's further evaluation of the tune draws parallels to another Luke production. "It's not inspired. It's not groundbreaking," Perez explains, noting that this isn't necessarily a bad thing, especially considering he's only heard the demo. "It's like Katy Perry's 'California Gurls'; I think this is the equivalent."

Perez isn't the only one giving "Hold It Against Me" his seal of approval. Ryan Seacrest revealed that Britney's managers, Larry Rudolf and [article id="1655157"]Adam Leber,[/article] played him the finished version of the track, and he insisted that if fans are stoked about the demo, then they should just be over the moon about the final cut.

"@BritneySpears just sent me 'Hold It Against Me.' WOW. The demo doesn't even compare!" he wrote on Twitter.

Seacrest added that [article id="1654828"]Britney's video for the tune[/article] is set to shoot in two weeks, after a month of rehearsals, noting that it's "gonna be major."

He also reported that Rudolf and Leber played him another track off the singer's March release, "I I I Wanna Go," but gave little details about the song besides describing it as a "powerhouse single."

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