Lady Gaga Pays Tribute To Alexander McQueen At Brit Awards

She performs 'Dance in the Dark' and 'Telephone' as a tribute to late friend and fashion icon.

[artist id="3061469"]Lady Gaga[/artist] might have won all three [article id="1629941"]Brit Awards she was nominated for[/article] Tuesday (February 16), but it was her avant-garde tribute and performance to late friend and [article id="1631696"]British fashion icon Alexander McQueen[/article] that stole the show.

The star took to the stage in all white and sat at her piano before kicking off her performance with an acoustic version of her song "Telephone." "This is for Alexander McQueen," she told the crowd. The stage was decked out in white, and perched on a pedestal was a statue of what seemed to be Gaga wearing a piano skirt and the now-famous McQueen lobster-claw heels she wore in her "Bad Romance" video.

She then got up from her piano as the disco groove of "Dance in the Dark" boomed throughout the room. In her lace bodysuit and over-the-top bouffant wig, she took to a giant keytar and dazzled the crowd with a techno rendition of the track. She then listed off names of fallen icons like Sylvia Plath and Judy Garland.

The pop star arrived to the show dressed in a white dress and the same wig she wore onstage later that night. According to reports, Gaga retooled her whole performance to pay tribute to McQueen at the show.

She later tweeted, "Tonight's performance is inspired by our friend. Mask by Phillip Treacy, Sculpture by Nick Knight, Music by Lady Gaga. We miss you."

Last week, after news broke about McQueen's death, [article id="1631789"]she tweeted a photo[/article] of the two of them as a tribute to her late friend.