'Teen Mom''s Bar Opts To Get 'Extra Help' At Rehab

Ashley confessed 'it's going to be hard' without her husband

Bar is beginning the next Teen Mom chapter by addressing a "demon" he has battled for quite some time.

"I think it will be a good idea for me to go back to the rehab and do the 30 days," Holly's dad, who has struggled with alcohol consumption, told his wife Ashley during this week's brand-new episode. 

Some context: The first time Bar left home for help, he got "cold feet" and only spent three days away from his family. Ashley was supportive of her longtime partner getting some "extra help" and was grateful he wanted to do the necessary work.

"While you're gone, I will handle everything else," she assured him. "I'll be all right while you go be all right. And then everything will be all right."

The couple had not spent this much time apart in their eight years together (a week was the most amount of time they had been apart), and they opted to tell their little girl her dad was going away to camp.

"I have a child that relies on me -- that is gonna rely on me," Bar stated in a diary cam before his departure. "It's something you just need to do."

Once Bar was gone, Ashley confided in her sister that it's been hard having him away, and they only speak once a week for 10 minutes.

How will Ashley carry the "heavy load" without Bar? And how will their relationship change during Bar's absence and eventual return? Keep watching Teen Mom: The Next Chapter every Tuesday at 8/7c.