Logic Is The First Rapper To Top 'New York Times' Best Sellers List With Debut Novel

'Supermarket' is mind-bending, chaotic fun

Logic should take today and crack open some bottles and toast to a grand achievement. He released Supermarket his first novel on March 26. It's had time to stew and now it's official – the book's a smash hit. It's so big that Logic has made history as the first rapper to have a No. 1 book on the New York Times Best Seller list.

It's no small feat to make the list. Logic posted a graphic to Twitter that unveiled the news. With it, a simple caption: "Humbled. Thank YOU all." He's been doing a lot of legwork to promote the book. He's been signing copies at Barnes & Noble bookstores and retweeting fans who've swarmed shops searching for his debut. This isn't even to mention that the rapper released an accompanying soundtrack album. To have fans support after working hard to gain their attention has to be humbling, in a fantastic way.

Supermarket is a wild, engrossing ride. It follows Flynn, a 24-year-old guy going through a mid-20s crisis who gets a job at a grocery store. When he meets an interesting guy named Frank who also works there, his world gets turned upside down. It's a simple premise that's complicated with sex, murder, and mystery. From start to finish, you'll race through the pages to figure out if things are really as they seem or if you're being pulled for a fast one. It doesn't matter which direction you initially lean toward; the outcome is shocking nonetheless.

Logic recently unveiled that he's working on a new album, Confessions of a Dark MindHis announcement came in March via a dark and scary trailer that featured buckets of blood. His last studio album was 2018's YSIV.

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