Bret Michaels Hospitalized For Emergency Surgery

Poison frontman underwent an emergency appendectomy early Monday morning and remains in the hospital.

[artist id="500964"]Bret Michaels[/artist] didn't get a chance to rock out on Sunday night.

Instead of being on a stage in San Antonio, Texas, the former Poison frontman and current "Celebrity Apprentice" contestant headed to the hospital for an emergency appendectomy, People reported. Michaels, at the insistence of doctors, skipped the show and discovered that the stomachaches he'd been suffering from all day were due to acute appendicitis and not the flu.

The 47-year-old was rushed into emergency surgery at 1 a.m. Monday morning (April 12), and according to Us Weekly, his rep said "according to doctors, Michaels, who remains in the hospital, is doing well and beginning the recovery process."

The rep also added, "Michaels, who has been known to perform under extreme conditions that would make most performers cancel, will unfortunately have no choice but to reschedule some of his April tour dates."

The singer's health trials and tribulations have most recently been documented on "The Celebrity Apprentice." The NBC show is his latest bout with reality TV, his first being his "Rock of Love" series for VH1. Michaels, a diabetic, is taking part in the Donald Trump reality competition for a juvenile diabetes charity, an ailment he was diagnosed with as a child. He often has talked about being frequently hospitalized, and on the show, he gives himself daily insulin shots.

The makeup concert dates will be posted on his Web site in the next several days.

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