Brandon And Christina's 'Are You The One?' Hookup Began With A Game Of Truth Or Dare

The pretty blonde gladly accepted a rather risqué challenge.

Christina and Brandon shared plenty of passion on "Are You the One?", but how did their romance -- and all those trips to the Boom Boom Room -- begin? With a game of Truth or Dare, of course.

"Brandon actually dared me to kiss the guy I was most attracted to in the house," the overalls-loving cutie dishes in the "Pound Town Confessions" clip below. "And without any hesitation, I went straight for him."

The feeling was mutual: Brandon explains that he felt an immediate attraction to the self-proclaimed hippie within moments of seeing her. "As soon as Ryan announced Christina as the 11th girl and I saw her walk out those doors, I knew that she was the girl that I wanted," says the handsome Las Vegas native.

Eventually, he got her -- even though science had already deemed them as incompatible.

"We actually waited a little bit," Christina says. "The problem was, by the time we got up [to the Boom Boom Room], it was confirmed we weren't a match."

So was it worth the wait? According to Brandon, YUP.

"It was one of the most amazing moments of my entire life," he reveals. Incredibly bold statement, B! And if you're wondering if they went "all the way," yes. Yes, they did. A bunch of times, apparently.

To hear just how many -- and to find out the one word they both used to describe their experiences in the BBR (hint: it's the opposite of lousy) -- watch the clip below. And be sure to catch a new episode of "Are You the One?" on Monday at 10/9c!

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