5 Warning Signs You Could Be Getting 'Punk'd'

If the highly anticipated return of "Punk'd" has taught you anything, it's that you better watch your back. The premiere episode proved that no one is safe (unless, of course you're Rob Dyrdek and have the sharp eye of an eagle), so if you want to prevent your flushed, mouth-agape face from appearing on MTV (à la Taylor Swift), we have five warning signs to help keep you on your toes. Gotta protect that swag!

1. Celebrity Status: While being noticed has its perks, famous names are also the prime target for the show. If your mug is often featured in the tabloids, you better be on the lookout for hidden cameras. (Who knew there was an upside to being a nobody?)

2. Professional Lighting Equipment: If you happen to spot a lamp or two conducive for a portrait shoot instead of a friendly meal al fresco, then you should prepare to smile and say "Punk'd." (Can you blame the producers for wanting to perfectly capture all the shock and awe?)

3. Impromptu Invitation: Sure, it's great to believe we have wonderful, caring friends who are always thinking of us, but in the land of "Punk'd," a last-minute invite from a bud probably means bad news. As we've discovered, spur of the moment plans usually lead to supreme trickery, like a car driving into your restaurant.

4. Unmarked Vans: Those pesky producers have to hide out somewhere! The classic, shady caravan serves as camouflage so they can watch an excellent joke unfold in privacy. And, hey, even if the vehicle you spotted ends up being empty, you never hear positive stories about people doing socially acceptable things in them, so just steer clear in general.

5. Racing Heart, Sweaty Palms, Dry Mouth: Unfortunately, if you have reached this point, then you've most likely already been "Punk'd," in which case, why didn't you pay closer attention to the warning signs? We tried to help you.

Keep this list close and check it often, and be sure to sound off in the comments if you have any tips you want to add!

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