All Saints Break, But No Break Up

All Saints issued a statement today that appears to confirm a British tabloid story reporting an internal tiff causing the cancellation of their appearance at the Smash Hits poll party in London on the weekend. But it doesn't directly address the same report that also said singer Nicole Appleton has left the band. According to the London Sun, Nicole, 24, told her three bandmates that she was leaving because she could not cope with the stress. The paper added that she was not getting along with the band's management, plus she wanted to spend more time with her fiance, former Take That star Robbie Williams.

The statement, purportedly a joint effort on behalf of Nicole, her sister Natalie, Shaznay Lewis and Melanie Blatt, admitted that the past year had been "tiring and at times very pressurized.

We have been living in each other's pockets, and so the odd row has been inevitable," it read. "We are now all taking time to reflect.

They went on to say that they

were looking forward to some time off over the Christmas holidays and intended to rest and recharge their batteries. They added that they would be recording some new tracks in the new year and were looking forward to seeing their fans on the 1999 tour, which kicks off in April.