J. Cole And Dreamville Records Dropped A New Project And Expanded The Team

<i>Revenge of the Dreamers II</i> is here.

When J. Cole and Bas released a new song, "Night Job," earlier this week, it seemed like a good indication that new music was on the way. But who knew it would be coming this soon?

Late Tuesday night, Jermaine, Bas and their Dreamville Records cohorts Omen and Cozz put out their new mixtape, Revenge of the Dreamers II. The nine-track project, which follows up last year's part one, is anchored by three appearances from Cole, including on the opening, solo track, "Folgers Crystals."

In addition to the Bas and Cole collab, there are any array of combinations of the label's roster of talent, including Cole and Omen ("Caged Bird") and Cozz and Bas ("Tabs"). But there are also some surprises on there: an artist named Ari Lennox enlists Cozz for "Backseat," and another, named lute, helms "Still Slummin'."

That's because, it turns out, according to Dreamville President Ibrahim Hamad, Lennox and lute are Dreamville's newest signees.

The project is available now everywhere from Spotify to iTunes, but late last night, before it dropped, Cole hit some fans with a direct link. They probably had no idea what was coming, either. He started off by just asking for email addresses.

And then he gave a few lucky ones "the juice."

This dude really knows how to connect with his fans.