11 Moments Sir Ian McKellen Was Too Witty For His Own Good

Jokes fit for a knight, wizard, and X-Man.

Sir Ian McKellen is THE man. He's an accomplished stage and film actor, BFFs with Patrick Stewart, been knighted by the Queen, huge supporter of LGBTQ rights and now part of Taylor Swift's squad.

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Sir Ian McKellen - Pride In London

Sir Ian McKellen, professional badass.

So, we decided to compile a list of several fantastic "Ian-isms" (totally just made that up) for your viewing pleasure. You're welcome in advance.

When he summed up parking in LA with a single tweet.

And threw in some shameless self-promotion for his new film "Mr. Holmes" while he was at it.

When he told Redditors the proper way to say "Macbeth."

Ian McKellen AMA


When he's probably the only person on the planet who can successfully get away with this pun.

When he answered this question with, "God, I'm good."


Ian McKellen at BuzzFeed Brews

He makes a cheesy grin after he writes it, too.

When he shared this response after revealing he was bumped from appearing on an episode of "The Tonight Show" because of a tree-climbing dog named Flatnose.


Ian McKellen Tonight Show

The episode was back in 1986, when Johnny Carson was the host.

When he shared this photo and punny caption (and you can totally tell he was grinning while he wrote it).

The caption reads: "On the set of "Gods and Monsters" (1997), preparing for brain removal in the dream sequence. This may explain why I wear a hat throughout "Mr Holmes." — with Bill Condon and Brendan Fraser."

When he made a dad joke, but this time, no one in the world groaned.

Sir Ian McKellen AMA Reddit

Actually, he might not have intentionally meant to make a dad joke, but he probably did, TBH.

When he made another dad joke, but it was actually pretty clever.

FYI, Sir Ian will be playing the clock Cogsworth in the live-action version of Disney's "Beauty and the Beast," for those of you who live under a rock.

When he totally and completely dated himself.

When he read lyrics from Taylor Swift's song "Bad Blood" as well as from Bruno Mars's jam "Uptown Funk."

*Anxiously waiting for his debut EP to come out on iTunes*

And finally, when he playfully admitted his gross error in judgment to all of Reddit.

Sir Ian McKellen AMA Reddit

What? WHAAAAAT?! 😳😳😳

Keep rockin' it, Sir Ian!

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Sir Ian McKellen - The Hobbit